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April 3, 2023
End of year financials
   Current  Actual Annual % of
   Quarter  Year to Date   Budget   Budget
Water Assessments    17,509   69,452   75,000  93%
Hook Up fees   -   -   -   
Commercial Water Sales   10,815   74,523   -   
Late Charges    183   1,105   450  246%
Interest Income   1,161   2,420   500  484%
Miscellaneous Income   (100)  300   -   
Supplemental Water Assessment   10,975   12,650   -   
TOTAL REVENUES    40,543   160,450   75,950  211%
Uncollectible Receivables   -   -     
Accounting Services   1,702   5,823   5,700  102%
Insurance    -   3,108   3,200  97%
Legal Services   -   405   1,000  41%
Office Supplies & Postage   5,533   6,848   1,600  428%
Taxes   20,939   20,933   825  2537%
Telephone   446   1,730   1,850  94%
TOTAL ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES    28,620   38,847   14,175  274%
Depreciation Expense   17,208   68,833   42,000  164%
Maintenance & Repairs   29,849   84,456   25,000  338%
Water Testing   110   1,451   925  157%
TOTAL MAINTENANCE & SUPPLIES    47,167   154,740   67,925  228%
Electricity    7,163   29,925   25,000  120%
TOTAL UTILITIES    7,163   29,925   25,000  120%
TOTAL EXPENSES    82,950   223,512   107,100  209%
REVENUE LESS EXPENSE (DEFICIT)    (42,407)  (63,062)  (31,150) 202%
October 29, 2022

We will hold an informational meeting at the Community Center on November 12 at 3:00pm to answer any questions regarding the recent annual meeting and rate changes.

October 28, 2022

Annual Meeting Mountain Meadows Mutual Water Company

October 23,2022


The Annual meeting of the Mountain Meadows Mutual Water Company called to order at 9:04 AM by David Richman.

Members Present

Board Members David Richman, Blair Hafner and Hal Cady.

Shareholders Present

Kitty Van Steele, Beth Woodard, Ron Hayes, Fred Stump and Linda Kennedy

President Remarks of the 310 potential shares we have 127 e-mail addresses on file, this is after numerous attempts requesting them. People are not signing up for e-mail notification. If not for David’s work, water would not be flowing.

It has been a busy year, there has been changes to the state laws regarding water districts. David e-mailed a cross-connection survey to all shareholders, only a few surveys where returned. David sent additional e-mails, followed by actual mail and finally he posted notices on non-responder’s doors warning of non-compliance and that the property owner would incur a fee if the property owner failed to fill out the notice. Currently there is one property owner who has not responded.

Meter reading is going well, David replaced several batteries and was provided thirty more battery sets free of charge from the manufacturer. There were several shareholders who expressed concerns about the actual readings. David took meter readings for three consecutive months at 2- week, 6-week then back to normal 4-week intervals while David was on vacation, therefore, the water usage was different for 3 months.

David also notifies the five highest water by e-mail monthly and yet heard back from none.

Wells and system

Last year, Clay Murry replaced Bob Lavagnino and we use his water certification to do the monthly water testing.

The water valves and hydrants were manually exercised this year, this procedure needs to be done once every 2 years. One hydrant had an issue and needed further work. Two oil plugs on the hydrants were replaced and four more were ordered.

David had to raise several valve covers along the roadway due to elevation changes after the paving project. Only one valve still needs to be raised.

Two air blow off assemblies are to be installed by MMMWC with one more on order.

There is a booster pump leak, and it will take 6 months to receive the parts to replace (supply issue).

Well 3 is out of service due to a problem with the pump that caused a turbidity issue, we are working on replacing it and cleaning the well casing, again another supply delay.

Updated the telemetry and reprogramed wells 1,3,4 and 5. Work is being done on the water tank telemetry upgrade.

Started installing water meters in Mountain Meadows Condos. This project will take two years to complete. Pinion Springs Condos will also require metering but will need a meter pit installed or the meters placed in the garage.

Working with the county to have wells 1 and 4 placed back online that are currently offline due to high uranium levels. Both wells are offline except for emergency use.

The website is being updated to meet current security needs and the e-mail system has been updated to hopefully avoid e-mails going to spam.


We currently have approximately 1million dollars in reserve and in the general fund. Last year MMMWC made a profit for the first time and had to pay income tax. We made $100,000.00 from water sales to construction projects last year and $75,000.00 this year. There are currently no projected water sales for next year.

MMMWC has made a change in investment strategies. We have reinvested the money with another bank and a broker. Previously we were earning 0.1% and now we are earning between 1% and 4.5% interest, in CD’s and Treasury Bonds.

Even though there is a surplus of a million dollars in reserve we have an aging water system which requires maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Valves need replacing, water tanks are inspected every 4 years, which was just accomplished. We also are investigating a water mixing system which would allow us to bring wells 1 and 4 back online by blending water from all wells together. David talked with a water system engineer about designing a controlled mixing system involving check valves and new main lines by David’s property. The cost would be about $200,000.00 although this is being examined further. Wells 1 and 4 would provide more water than wells 3 and 5 currently provide. We currently have a D-1 water operators’ certification but would need to obtain a T-1 operators’ certification with this change.

Water consumption was down this year from last year with the ground water levels remaining the same.

Answered shareholders questions about fees and water drawdown.

Water operations

As of January 1, 2023, David will be stepping down as the Operations Manager, which he has been doing for many years and being minimally compensated. David has been advertising for a water systems operator for over two months with no real expressed interest. The job would be part-time and require a D-1 operator certification. The company received one response from someone who stated they were really not interested and ultimately would require a monthly expenditure of $4000 plus trip charges. Another option would be for David Richman and Bob Lavagnino running the water system operations while training Jimmy Greenleaf and Joe Donovan on the operations of the water system and obtaining a D-1 operations certificate. This process would take about 2 years after which David and Bob would step down. The price would be $5,000.00 a month. After discussion, Blair made a motion to proceed with the training of Jimmy Greenleaf and Joe Donovan with the supervision from David Richman and Bob Lavagnino as system operators for the MMMWC as of November 1, 2022. Hal seconded the motion. The motion passed 2-0. David recused himself due to conflict of interest.

David made a motion to raise the water rates by $35.00 for active accounts and to $20.00 for standby accounts to pay for the Water Operator Costs effective January 1, 2023. Hal seconded the motion. The motion was discussed and brought to a vote. The board approved the motion 3-0.

The board approved the 2021 yearly meeting minutes.


The board counted the proxies, and the required quorum was not reached. All present board members agreed to remain on the board in their current positions, David Richman President, Hal Cady Secretary and Blair Hafner Member at large.

The meeting was adjourned by the board at 11:26 AM

There will be an informational meeting on the MMMWC on November 12, 2022 at the Crowley Lake Community Center at 3:00 PM until 4:00pm to discuss the water rate increase.

Minutes submitted by Hal Cady

October 17, 2022

Website Maintenance will occur again on October 19th and 20th. The website will be down.

October 14, 2022
Quarterly Financials
    Current  Actual Annual % of 
   Quarter  Year to Date   Budget   Budget  
Water Assessments    17,509   51,943   75,000  69% 
Hook Up fees   -   -   -    
Commercial Water Sales   29,000   63,708   -    
Late Charges    137   922   450  205% 
Interest Income   376   1,259   500  252% 
Miscellaneous Income   400   400   -    
Supplemental Water Assessment   1,675   1,675   -    
TOTAL REVENUES    49,097   119,907   75,950  158% 
Uncollectible Receivables   -   -      
Accounting Services   1,600   4,122   5,700  72% 
Insurance    -   3,108   3,200  97% 
Legal Services   -   405   1,000  41% 
Office Supplies & Postage   430   1,315   1,600  82% 
Taxes   -   (6)  825  -1% 
Telephone   437   1,284   1,850  69% 
TOTAL ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES    2,467   10,228   14,175  72% 
Depreciation Expense   17,208   51,625   42,000  123% 
Maintenance & Repairs   22,464   54,607   25,000  218% 
Water Testing   927   1,341   925  145% 
TOTAL MAINTENANCE & SUPPLIES    40,599   107,573   67,925  158% 
Electricity    10,833   22,761   25,000  91% 
TOTAL UTILITIES    10,833   22,761   25,000  91% 
TOTAL EXPENSES    53,899   140,562   107,100  131% 
REVENUE LESS EXPENSE (DEFICIT)    (4,802)  (20,655)  (31,150) 66% 

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